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    What's New
Rustic Hickory & Maple

Our all-new Monte Viso Collection features character-grade hickory and maple that's lightly wire brushed. Rustic never looked so new!

Discover our Monte Viso Collection here.

Catalog / Color Book

How will you color your world? Do you prefer Modern Natural, Weathered Brown or Earthy Gray Tones?

Order our new Catalog or Color Book to get inspired.

Availability varies by region

Trends in Detail

Brushed Texture — We meticulously wire brush wood surfaces to avoid the mass-processed look of uniform machine-laden grooves. The authenticity of a lightly brushed plank adds a level of texture to wood that enhances natural grain patterns and let’s wood feel less processed, more natural.

Discover our Brush Texture options here.

Hand Staining Effect — Can you imagine a fine furniture maker sending his hand-craft through a giant churning factory of finishing? Neither can we. Like the more discerning floor makers, we ONLY hand stain our woods with a dual hand stain process for deeper color density and vibrancy. You can really see the difference!

Discover our Dual Hand Stained selections here.

Character Grade Hardwood — Character grade hardwoods have a natural appearance displaying the full characteristics of the hardwood floor. All color variations occurring naturally in the species are allowed. Small surface knots, cracks, wormholes and mineral streaks, which occur naturally in the forest, help display the woods natural beauty.

Explore our Character Grade selections here.