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Color > Washed
Washed Hardwood Flooring
Washed hardwood flooring is reminiscent of a winemaker's oak barrel. With diffuse color and subtle quality, this flooring has an authentic feel and a relaxed elegance. The mixture of warm and neutral hues, like a sand dune, and the rippling texture of the wood grain capture a slice of serene nature inside a home.

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San Carlo | French Oak
La Palazzina
LPSC213 | Washed
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Milozza | French Oak
Casa Mia
CMML687 | Washed
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Domenica | French Oak
Casa Mia
CMDO700 | Washed
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Tritone | Solid French Oak
BMTT452 | Washed
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Neuvy | French Oak
MTNM170 | Washed
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Galgano | French Oak
Villa Borghese
MCKW517 | Washed
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Brunella | French Oak
Villa Borghese
MCTP808 | Washed
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Carmine | French Oak
Villa Borghese
MCSK128 | Washed
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Guernsey | French Oak
Villa Borghese
MCMG469 | Washed
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Challans | French Oak
Villa Borghese
MCCH742 | Washed
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